Best Practices

  • The residential foundation repair industry has become synonymous with incompetence and providing at best building code prescribed minimum requirements. Is your foundation repair contractor familiar with the Ontario Building Code?
  • Most residential foundation repair contractors survive by cutting corners and covering mistakes. The foundation repair workers are most likely unskilled labourers with an attitude of indifference towards their work results and the overall durability of their work. They may skip on prep work like cleaning of a foundation and repairing cracks. Can your foundation repair workers confidently state they understand the manufacturer's installation instructions for the products being applied? Do they have these instructions on-site?
  • The foundation repair contractor's sales person may claim to be providing foundation waterproofing while only applying dampproofing materials (which cannot resist hydrostatic pressure of water). Can your foundation repair contractor's sales person define "waterproofing" and "dampproofing"? What product will you be getting applied and is it a waterproofing material or dampproofing?
  • It is our dream to build a great construction company based on the belief that high ethics are universal and essential guiding principles for excellence. By clearly and authentically articulating our core ideology, we continue to build a team of like-minded individuals and a network of professional designers and specialized trade contractors. We harness the energy of our team and lead through a strong family business culture to transform our vision to reality. Does your foundation repair contractor demonstrate leadership for their workforce by authentically articulating vision, values and purpose? Can they articulate these to you, the client?
  • We believe houses should be constructed according to CSA Group’s guideline entitled "CSA Z800-18 – Guideline on Basement Flood Protection and Risk Reduction" to make homes safer and more resilient against flood-related events. We achieve this using commercial grade concrete / masonry restoration, waterproofing, insulation and drainage products and build these systems with the intent for them to last 100 years without unplanned maintenance and repairs. Ask your foundation contractor about CSA Z800-18, do they know about this guideline? Do they know the durability - how long the products they install will last according to the product manufacturer?
  • Buildings should be resilient to rare loads like a one-hundred-year rain storm or one-hundred-year flood while providing thermal resistance against extreme heat and cold. Buildings should also be resilient to design level ground motions from earthquakes, so structural issues discovered in existing foundations are addressed using one of a number of preferred sub-contracted professional structural engineers. Resilience of a building begins with the foundation! Does your foundation contractor think they are qualified to perform the job of a professional structural engineer with a Certificate of Authorization to practice engineering in Ontario? Chances are they routinely break the law out of ignorance or worse yet, maliciously to generate profit by misrepresenting themselves as being competent to do civil engineering work.
  • We hold safety as the ultimate value, and have a health and safety policy and program that we enforce strictly. Does your contractor have a health and safety policy and program? Are the workers trained in this program?