We begin by discussing the client's wants and needs, budget, then perform an assessment of the existing conditions of the building:
  • Basic visual review of the site, building enclosure and drainage systems; 
  • Existing materials assessment (concrete, masonry, metals, wood, thermal and moisture protection); and
  • Testing for Radon gas (in basement / crawl space).
In some cases, further assessment is required such as:
  • Hazardous material assessment (asbestos, lead, mould, etc.)
  • Geotechnical / subsurface investigations (exploratory excavations / test pits)
  • Selective Demolition (remove problematic building elements)
  • Facility Remediation (of asbestos, lead, mould, pests)
The remedial work for the foundation almost always includes repair of cracks in the foundation, waterproofing, adding thermal insulation and improving drainage around the foundation.
Even with foundation waterproofing present on the exterior walls, most residential building have no under-slab waterproofing and no soil-gas barrier for their floor slab. Radon (a radioactive gas) can enter the basement through the concrete floor slab. When our test reveals the presence of radon gas, we explain the severity and propose mitigation strategies.

Molson Construction has also created specialized plumbing systems for cottages / rural settings to address a void in the plumbing industry, where high performance plumbing systems are near impossible for the typical owner to procure.
Molson Construction does not practice engineering, however we sub-contract engineering services on behalf of our clients on an as needed basis.