Molson Construction provides innovative, durable, and sustainable solutions for residential building owners and developers. 

Existing buildings - we begin by an assessment of existing conditions:
  • Basic visual review of site and building; 
  • Client questionnaire
  • Existing materials assessment (concrete, masonry, metals, wood, thermal and moisture protection)
In some cases, further assessment is required in problematic areas, such as:
  • Hazardous material assessment (asbestos, lead, mould, radon gas, etc.)
  • Geotechnical /subsurface investigations including exploratory excavations
  • Selective Demolition (remove problematic building elements)
  • Facility Remediation (asbestos, lead, mould, pests)
Residential Contracting:
  • General Contracting - when the construction solution involves two or more specialized construction trades who will be working at the same time, a general contractor must be retained as legal "constructor" otherwise the building owner takes on the construction liability. An example may be a renovation where numerous trades can occupy the site at once in order to deliver the project in a timely manner.
  • Trade Contracting - where the solution can be achieved through one construction trade at a time (see below). The owner can expect to save money in general contracting fees when no coordination between trades is necessary. An example is foundation repairs, where an experienced crew provides all services required as part of their trade expertise.
Construction Trades:
  • Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors (plain and reinforced concrete as materials); 
  • Masonry Contractors;
  • Framing Contractors (wood and wood products as materials)
  • Thermal and Moisture Protection (including drainage):
  • Openings in the building envelope
    • Doors, windows, and curb mounted skylights
    • Curtain Walls
    • Louvers and Vents

Building Equipment / Services Trade Contractors:

Solar Energy Systems

Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

Integrated Automation

Residential Structures:

Passive House (Timber frame, high performance building envelope, heat recovery ventillator, wood and solar thermal energy systems)

Workshop / Garage / Shed Construction