Highly Qualified Personnel


  • Can be internal or external participants
  • Can be directly or indirectly related to our business functions
  • Refers to a high level of competence in a particular field of expertise
  • Also know as subject matter experts
  • Are qualified to ensure best-practices are applied in their field
  • Understand both the technical and practical aspects of their craft
  • Include both white and blue-collar roles


  • They apply best practices to the application of bets-available-technologies
  • They ensure other HQP that they interface with are provided the highest quality of work
  • They assist in the process of selection of products and design elements
  • Conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner
  • People of high character whose values rely on trust


  • Contains qualification and certification information for individuals
  • It is a supply chain / strategic sourcing tool used to manage vendor information
  • It is a talent management / Human Resources tool
  • It is a tool to help select pre-qualified red-seal trades people in a particular area
  • It maintains information on individual trades people and their work history with us
  • It allows us to find gaps in our supply chain and focus our vendor pre-qualification
  • Its organization is based on the OMNIClass roles and disciplines tables


Our management team is made up of Highly Qualified Personnel 

committed to our Mission, Vision and Core Ideology

Steven Molson, B. Eng.,

Managing Partner, General Manager


Cell: (613) 219-5654 

Steven is a Carleton University graduate with a bachelor's degree (B.Eng.) in Civil Engineering, Concentration in Management. His engineering studies focused on buildings engineering design, construction project management, and seismic structural protection systems for buildings. He is experienced in building science engineering and project management, specifically the design and construction of building envelopes and building restoration in the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI) sector.

Accordingly, Steven has more than five years of experience as a civil engineer intern, through which he gained valuable experience and knowledge in the design and construction/restoration of buildings. His engineering experience involved working with many different ICI and residential clients, designers and contractors related to a wide variety of disciplines. 

 Greg Molson, B. Eng., M.A. Sc. candidate

Managing Partner, Operations Manager


Greg graduated from the University of Guelph with a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering. In the present Greg's work is primarily concerned with packaged, rural water and wastewater treatment systems. Greg is also a candidate for an M.A. Sc. in environmental engineering, where his research is focused on an innovative biological wastewater treatment process for removal of nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewaters. Other areas of focus for Greg are: Solar energy systems, original equipment manufacturing, and passive homes.

Dr. Cody Thompson

Director of Research and Development


Cody graduated from the University of Guelph with a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering, a master's degree in biophysics/mathematics and a Ph. D. in the area of advanced hydroponics for space exploration. Cody is currently furthering his research activities as a post-doctoral researcher at the Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility in Guelph, Ontario.
His diverse interests and experience range from apiculture (bee-keeping), computational fluid dynamics (mathematical modeling of thermodynamic systems), controlled environment systems research, sensor systems. Cody is also a very talented musician.

David Molson, BMOS, CPA, CMA

Treasurer / Controller


David graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Studies. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)David has experience as a chief financial officer (CFO) in a publicly traded company.