Mission, Vision, Core Ideology & Guiding Principles

Most companies these days define their corporate identity in terms of a mission, vision, values, etc... 

Collins & Porras (2002) said it best when they noted that the authenticity of the ideology and the extent to which a company attains consistent alignment with their stated ideology counts more than the ideology it self. A company's core ideology should inspire and give direction to all those employed by the company. Operational excellence depends in part by excellent direction and well-aligned policies and practices - both are symptoms of an inspiring corporate ideology. We can think of the analogy of people playing tug-of-war: it's best if everyone pulls in the same direction!

Conversely, a core ideology written after the fact (perhaps even written by a third-party marketing firm having absolutely no visibility within the company in question) would not be likely to inspire or guide anyone withing the company. A purely marketing-based corporate ideology might look good from the outside, but could serve to create confusion within the company or contribute to other dysfunctional outcomes.

The core ideology is the reason for existence of a company beyond profits.

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    • Core Values: Safety, Environmental Sustainability (including Durability and Resilience), Innovation, Quality
    • Core Purpose
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • Guiding Principles - The Molson Construction Credo:

We believe our first responsibility is to our workers. They must have their health and safety taken as paramount and relevant training is always provided. Their wages must be fair and adequate, management just, hours reasonable and working conditions orderly. There must be opportunities for advancement for those qualified. Our workers are treated like family.

We believe our second responsibility is to our clients who use our products and benefit from our services. We must constantly strive to reduce the cost of these products and services as technological advances create opportunities for greater efficiencies. Client care and professionally delivery are a must, we strive to build strong relationships with our clients and to ensure each client receives the very best products and services to exceed their expectations. We need to place emphasis on increasing the client's health through successful project delivery.

We believe our third responsibility is to our management. They must be persons of common sense and full understanding; of talent, education, experience, and ability. We aim to promote from within, to ensure our management shares our mission, vision, values, and other guiding principles.

We believe our fourth responsibility is to our environment. We benefit the environment primarily through durable and resilient design, so that the resulting building is "built to last".

"Successful products and services come from being an outstanding organization, not the other way around" – Collins & Porras (2002)